I have been taking Pilates classes at Mound Street Yoga for over a year. Greg and Collette are great teachers and explain each exercises so you get it--all in just one hour. There are Pilates sticks (like a trapeze attached to the wall by a rubber cord) for use in class to add resistance and an extra dimension to the exercises. I have a much stronger core and strengthened muscles I didn't even know I had. And, Mound Street is a great place to practice. -Dorothy H.

Group Classes


A group class is a great way to begin practicing Pilates. Classes are affordable and provide the benefit of working out with friends and community while still receiving attention and personal feedback from the instructor.

Students wear comfortable workout clothes that allow for freedom of movement. Pilates is done without shoes, in bare feet or socks. Mats and accessory equipment are provided, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer. If you’re attending a class for the first time, you’ll want to arrive a few minutes early. Your instructor will be happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Fees for group classes range from $13-$15 per class for mat classes and $20-$30 per class for equipment classes. Rates vary based on the number of classes purchased. (Drop-in, 5 class, 10 class and 15 class passes available.)