I have practiced Pilates with Collette [Stewart] both in private and group sessions. I am struck by her ability to see quickly and succinctly how the body functions, its integrated patterns and particular challenges. She dovetails this skill with articulate language that consistently moves me toward efficiency, resilient strength and full body health.

Private & Duet Sessions

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The benefits of Pilates are obtained much more quickly by beginning with a few private sessions on the front end. Not only that, a private session introduces you to both the equipment and mat work and gives you a chance to see which type of workout your body more readily responds to. After 3-5 private sessions, you can work with your instructor to formulate a strategy for continuing Pilates. Many people continue to enjoy the personalized attention of private sessions. Duet sessions (two students with one instructor) are an economical way to continue working on the equipment along with a friend, colleague or partner. Or you may want to transition into a weekly group class or set-up a routine to practice at home. There are many ways to create a program that best fits your needs, schedule, and budget.

Private and duet sessions are offered in Madison at Pilates on Harrison. Fees range from $60-$80 depending on the instructor and the number of sessions purchased. Please email Collette for more information or to schedule a session.

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