What you have to know about Collette is that she has been engaged in learning how to teach herself since she was a child. It only makes sense that she is a teacher's teacher. -Susan D.

Mindful Pilates Advanced Studies & Teacher Certification


Movement Insights began offering Advanced Studies and Teacher Certification in Mindful Pilates in 2007. The program covers a wide range of study including the Classical Pilates exercises, imagery-based alignment and anatomy, and techniques for teaching healthy movement to all types of bodies. The approach is in-depth and individualized. As a participant, you will develop your own practice and in doing so, learn the skills to design and teach this practice to others.

Emphasizing Individuals

The world of Pilates is quite diverse and there are as many styles of Pilates as people who love to do it. A common belief in Pilates is that to get benefit from the exercises, one must use the "right" approach, implying that there is one true way to practice. Luckily, there are many "right" approaches to Pilates. If you participate in our program, you will be asked to develop your practice in a way that is right for you. You will learn all of the Classical Pilates exercises, with an emphasis on developing a practice that fits your body. You may be drawn to a slow and simple practice that creates a deep therapeutic experience or a more rigorous energizing practice in which you perform every exercise in the classical series. You’ll be asked to teach from different perspectives as well, according to the state of the body, mind and energy of the student in front of you. You will learn more than just Pilates exercises, you’ll learn how to use Pilates as a movement strategy for creating better health.

Choosing a Course of Study

art Our Advanced Studies program is divided into three modules designed to be taken in order. Each module awards a teaching certificate and contains a complete body of knowledge unto itself. You may be happy to take one or two modules, or you may wish to gain the comprehensive knowledge from all three. Many participants go on to teach as full-time instructors; some use the Pilates exercises as a supplement to another career (physical therapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors). Other participants have unrelated careers and participate to improve their health and deepen their knowledge and understanding of their body.